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ADIDAS Power Perfect II Vektløftersko

Art.nr: g1074


Det anbefales ikke å gå ned i størrelse i Power Perfect, selv om disse skoene skal sitte tettere enn normale sko da disse allerede er noe knappe i størrelsen.


Effektiv høyde på hæl: 2 cm (høyde på såle i front 1 cm og hæl 3 cm)

The Power Perfect re-emerges into weightlifting. The excitement of winning was felt through the re-introduction of the Power Perfect and focus on our ‘honest approach’ toward sport while re-designing one of weightlifting’s most recognized and accredited names.
A veteran in weightlifting, the medal-winning bottom tooling from the Athens ADISTAR teams up with an exciting new look that is packed with weightlifting-specific details that not only the weightlifting athlete, but spectators of the sport can appreciate.

- mesh inserts and synthetic leather strategically placed where necessary

- lightweight ‘Heel Support’ concept stabilizes rearfoot- single instep strap provides additional rearfoot integrity

- Flexible forefoot construction assists in lightning quick movement and precise placement of feet below weights



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