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Bad Girl Mouth Guard



Bad Girl Mouth Guard

One size fits all

BAD GIRL Mouth Guard
Designed to provide the ultimate protection, comfort and custom fit, this BAD GIRL Mouth Guard is perfect for MMA, Boxing and Kick Boxing!

No matter what type of sport you participate in, a mouth guard can protect your smile.Constructed from heavy-duty rubber, the BAD GIRL Mouth Guard offers the ultimate protection and retention in the mouth.The simple boil and bite fitting system allows you to customize the mouth guard to your individual teeth pattern by clamping your jaw down on the material once it has been softened in hot water for a while.Avoid chipped or broken teeth, nerve damage and even tooth loss.

The BAD GIRL Mouth Guard features the BAD GIRL letterbox logo on the outside.It comes with a matching protective case to retain shape for easy storage when not in use.It’s a suitable fit for ages 11 and up.The mouth guard protects both your teeth and gums from accidental injury.Whether you’re training or grappling, BAD GIRL Mouth Guard is a must have.

Make sure to guard your pearly whites with a BAD GIRL Mouth Guard!


Used for any contact sport and is suitable for ages 11+
Protective case included
Designed for ultimate protection
Constructed from heavy duty rubber

Material: Rubber

Age: Adult & Youth 11+


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